Abstract paintings

My expressionist abstract paintings explore the theme of human interaction through unconventional shapes and forms. In my “Chronically Online” series, I draw inspiration from online trends and behaviors and translate them into tangible works of art. The series invites the viewer to consider the complexities of human interaction in the digital age.

Another example of my approach is seen in the “Human Repertoire” series, which presents unconventional and unexpected ways of representing human interaction. Through my work, I aim to challenge and compel the viewer to contemplate these representations, evoking emotions and reactions that encourage reflection on the intricacies of human connection.

I use a range of techniques and materials in creating my paintings, reflecting my ongoing exploration of different artistic methods. As an expressionist artist, my goal is to evoke emotions and reactions in the viewer, inviting them to explore their own experiences of human interaction. I aim to inspire reflection and contemplation in the viewer, encouraging them to engage with my abstract works in a meaningful way.



Human Repertoire


Chronically Online


Abstract on paper


Word on the street