HUman repertoire

Through my abstract human repertoire series of paintings, I navigate the nature of human interactions, delving into the depths of what resonates universally.  These artworks encapsulate moments familiar to us all, evoking a sense of recognition and connection. By transcending the boundaries of the tangible world, I embrace abstract expressionism as a medium to convey the nature of these emotions.

Acrylic paint forms the foundation of my creative process, but I also incorporate a myriad of other materials such as oil pastels, pencil, and more, infusing each piece with depth and dimension. Guided purely by intuition, I surrender myself to the artistic process, allowing my emotions to guide each brushstroke. This intuitive approach aligns perfectly with the essence of abstract painting, enabling me to authentically capture the essence of human interactions that often elude traditional representation.

At the core of my abstract human repertoire series lies the intention to spark conversations and forge connections among individuals. By inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate layers of these paintings, I aim to ignite contemplation and introspection. The vibrant colors, dynamic textures, and ambiguous forms in my artworks form a visual language that resonate with the shared human experience. These pieces encourage dialogue and facilitate a deeper comprehension of our interconnectedness and the profound nature of our emotions.

Who's here to help?
First times
I want you to be like me
Overpowered but in a good way
Is it you or is it me
Rushing by