Artwork Purchase Requests

Welcome to the catalog showcasing the artworks that were on display in the exhibition ‘Imagine the Unimaginable’. You can browse the artworks below, each identified by a unique number.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, please follow the steps below.

How to order

  • Note down the unique number of the artwork you wish to purchase.
  • Fill out the contact form below with your details.
  • We’ll contact you within two working days about your order. 
  • The order will be taken into production after the invoice is paid.
  • Production time is approximately two weeks. Every artwork is made to order by a local printer. Should you require the artwork earlier, feel free to discuss it with us.
  • You can either pick up the artwork in Amsterdam East, or we will ship it to you (available for small and medium artworks only). Shipping costs will be added to the invoice. 


Small works — 20.3×25.4cm, foil on 5mm forex — €90,—
Medium works — 50.8×62.5cm, foil on 5mm forex — €275,— 
Large works — 100x125cm, foil on 8mm forex — €495,— 

Available works:

(Works with an * are only available in the small size: 20.3×25.4cm)

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