Abstract on paper

In my series titled “Abstract on Paper,” I utilize paper as my canvas to depict imagined experiences. These artworks delve into a realm where the boundaries of reality blur with the surreal, resulting in abstract scenes infused with a sense of humor. While these situations may not have unfolded in the physical world, their vivid and sometimes bizarre nature invites immediate visualization. By abstracting the depicted scenarios, I purposefully leave room for the viewer to construct their own mental images, encouraging active engagement with the art.

Within this series, I employ a diverse range of materials, including acrylic paint, oil pastels, pencils, inks, and acrylic markers, among others. This multifaceted approach amplifies the scope of experimentation, bringing the imagined experiences to life through vibrant colors, dynamic textures, and captivating forms.

“Abstract on Paper” presents a fusion of the imagined and the tangible, inviting viewers to explore artistic interpretation. Each artwork showcases the expressive potential of abstract expressionism while allowing space for the viewer’s imagination to shape the visuals. By embracing the abstract nature of the depicted situations, I aim to spark curiosity and foster a deeper connection between the audience and the art. The viewer becomes an active participant, envisioning their own narratives and adding personal meaning to the abstracted scenes. Through this interactive process, “Abstract on Paper” serves as a catalyst for exploration, inspiring viewers to embrace the power of imagination and their unique perspectives.

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