Chronically online

In my series of paintings titled “Chronically Online,” I delve into the interconnectedness of younger generations, such as millennials and Gen X, with the internet. The internet holds its own unique language, trends, and a world of its own. Through these artworks, I express my emotions regarding various themes associated with the internet, including trends, review culture, and the disparity between people’s online personas and their true selves. The rounded forms depicted in the paintings symbolize the sleek shapes of our devices, particularly smartphones, through which we consume this internet culture. It serves as a means for me to convey and reflect upon these feelings while also approaching them with humor. These paintings offer both social critique and a lighthearted perspective on the subject matter.

Within the vibrant canvases of “Chronically Online,” I aim to capture the essence of our digital existence, one intertwined with humor and societal observations. The layers of paint and whimsical elements reflect the complexity and ever-changing nature of the online world. Through this visual exploration, I invite viewers to reflect upon their own experiences and the broader implications of our virtual lives. These artworks serve as a reminder of the power and influence that the internet holds over our daily interactions, prompting us to question and navigate the fine line between authenticity and curated personas. Ultimately, “Chronically Online” encourages both introspection and critical engagement with the digital realm that has become an integral part of our lives.

Through a harmonious blend of introspection and irony, my artworks in the “Chronically Online” series illuminate the impact of the internet on our collective consciousness. By embracing the complexities of this interconnected world, I seek to create a visual dialogue that challenges societal norms while provoking a smile. It is my intention to stimulate conversations and reflections on the evolving nature of human connections in the digital age. Through a synthesis of societal critique and humor, these artworks invite viewers to navigate the intricate web of emotions, experiences, and contradictions that arise from our immersion in the online sphere.

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