In my series of abstract watercolor paintings, I explore the essence of nature in connection to how humans experience it, capturing the beauty of nature and the intricate details that surround us. These artworks celebrate our connection to the natural world and the richness of outdoor experiences. By employing abstract watercolor, I intentionally leave space for interpretation, allowing viewers to engage their imagination and complete the narrative.

My artistic style can be described as “free flow,” where I embrace the fluidity of water and let the pigments dance across the pages. This technique involves generous use of water, enabling the paint to flow and blend freely. The allure lies in the unpredictability of the process—never quite knowing how the paint will behave or the final result it will yield. This harmonizes with the themes embodied in the artworks, as water symbolizes both movement and the transformative journey. The relationship between water and my paintings is intrinsic, as it encapsulates the sense of motion and the inherent power it holds.


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Infinity pool