Masked Emotions

Through a dynamic interplay of the digital and the physical, the “masked emotions” series marries the expressive power of abstract painting with the transformative potential of digital collage. Each work in this series is a hybrid creation, blending the my own abstract paintings with digital imagery to produce a vibrant and evocative visual experience.

At the heart of this series lies the motif of the mask, a potent symbol of the complex interplay between inner and outer selves, between what is hidden and what is revealed. On each canvas, I’ve depicted a multitude of masks, their various forms and expressions suggesting a rich tapestry of emotional states and psychological depths. 

But it is in the digital realm that the “masked emotions” truly come to life. Through a process of layering and manipulation, I’ve transformed the collages into dynamic, animated works that pulse with a life of their own. These animations reveal the intricate workings of the artistic process, as shapes and colors merge and dissolve, as the elements dance and twist and spin, revealing new facets and dimensions with each passing moment.

Taken together, the “masked emotions” series represents a bold and innovative exploration of the possibilities of mixed media art. I’ve blended the tactile physicality of abstract painting with the boundless potential of digital collage and animation.


Libre on paper

Bring back the softness

Total eclipse of the sun