Collage animation

My collage animations a blend of analog and digital techniques that come together to create endlessly loopable stop motion videos that are visually compelling and immersive. At the heart of my process is a passion for gathering beautiful imagery, whether through scanning analog materials or curating visuals found online. Through the arrangement of these elements, I bring new life to each individual piece, transforming them into dynamic, moving collages.

My work invites the viewer to explore a world of imagination, where unexpected combinations of color and texture evoke a sense of playful wonder. Each animation is carefully crafted to create a cohesive and captivating experience, drawing the eye in and encouraging a closer look.


Super Model Management

I’ve collaborated with Super Model Management, a boutique agency renowned for their distinct and innovative approach to the fashion industry. For their launch on Instagram, I was commissioned to create a video that would showcase the agency’s unique vision and the individual beauty of their models.

To bring this vision to life, I combined vintage footage of the historic Apollo 11 take-off with my own original animated collages of the models, creating a visually dynamic experience that is both timeless and modern. The resulting video captures the essence of Super Model Management’s brand and their commitment to celebrating individuality and creativity.