poster about compartmentalization

This poster represents my entry for the annual poster competition for art school students. The theme of the 2017 competition revolved around the concept of compartmentalization, specifically exploring the tendency to label and categorize individuals.

The design of the poster showcases how prejudices are deeply woven into Dutch culture. The deliberate use of the colors orange, red, white, and blue, reminiscent of the Dutch national flag and national color, symbolizes this connection. The text, a word play about prejudices, is cleverly integrated, inviting viewers to search for it, as if it is hidden. This reflects the reality that many people hesitate to admit their own biases openly.

To create this artwork, I conducted research on prevalent stereotypes and biases. I delved into common prejudices and selected three prominent assumptions that are frequently encountered in Dutch society. By combining and intermixing these assumptions, I aim to expose the fallacy of these preconceptions and highlight how they could easily be applied to any other demographic.

Through this design approach, I intend to challenge viewers to critically evaluate their own beliefs and question the validity of stereotypes. By demonstrating the arbitrary nature of these assumptions, I aim to dismantle the barriers created by prejudices and foster a more inclusive and empathetic society.

By engaging in this creative exploration, I hope to stimulate dialogue and encourage individuals to confront their own biases. This poster serves as a visual representation, reminding us that our perceptions are often shaped by unfounded stereotypes and that embracing diversity is essential for creating a more harmonious and accepting world.

Poster details

Translation of the stereotypes on the poster:
Moslims zijn gierig
= Muslims are stingy
Blondjes zijn terroristen
= Blondes are terrorists
Nederlanders zijn dom
= Dutch people are dumb

The poster received recognition as one of the top 56 entries and was showcased for a period of three months at venues in Den Haag (De Affiche Gallerij) and Breda (

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