Glitch everywhere

‘Glitch Everywhere’ is a project that explores the world of glitches and their evolution as a deliberate edit-style in modern media. In 2018, glitches emerged as a prominent trend, appearing in various creative domains, including advertisements, videoclips, film trailers, and vlogs. These glitches, intentionally introduced for aesthetic appeal, sparked my fascination with their history and cultural significance.

Delving into the origins of glitches, I embarked on extensive research to trace their journey from unintentional errors to sought-after visual elements. Starting with a glitch trend forecast in 2018 and tracing back to the innovative work of the Dada-ists in 1928, I sought to unravel the transformation of glitches from undesirable anomalies to preferred editing techniques in commercial media.

Through this project, I explore the historical and cultural context surrounding glitches, shedding light on their appearance as a popular editing effect. The project invites viewers to contemplate the role of glitches in contemporary media and appreciate their unique visual appeal. Through ‘Glitch Everywhere,’ we can delve into the fascinating history of glitches and gain a deeper understanding of their significance in contemporary media.

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